Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership

Strategic Plan 2017

Focus Area: Education





Provide education opportunities based on requirements of different workforce demographics

1) Operational measure – marketing of educational opportunities 2) Outcome measure – Participation by location and demographics

* Assessment of CEU/CME requirements by specialty
* Bring education opportunities locally
* Design opportunities that have high CEU/CME value
* Pay online capability of website
* Provide course offering statistics to the executive committee by organization


Maintain Partnership directory of local educational offerings

* Directory would include offerings provided by all AFHCP partners
* Assessment of each partner to ascertain trainings provided
* Hosted on the Partnership website


Generate revenue to be used to enhance or offset losses of educational offerings

Net revenue of seat sales

* Identify markets in Anchorage and Fairbanks
* Determine “fair and equitable # of seats based on the # of Providers (doctors, nurses, Pas and NPs)
* All FESG Offerings sent to leadership to forward to providers


Focus Area: Business Innovations

Establish new Business Innovations Workgroup to review partnership opportunities

Expand Business Opportunities

Primarily Focused on:
* Payment system and processes
* Grants
* Large purchase coordination

Build structure around how grants are done
* ANTHC to provide some grants training
* Executive Committee will approve grant application
* ROI for partners
* Need a flow sheet for what grants the Federal partners can received


Focus Area: Shared Clinical Services

Create joint ventures between AFHCP parties

1) Agreements in place
2) Shared product lines

* Bi-directional payment systems and processes
* Electronic documentation of care systems and processes
Data Analysis:
* Access to care
* Purchased care
* Documented value of the shared clinical service

Clinical Services Committee

Focus Area: Technology

Assess and meet the needs of all of the Partnership focus areas

Needs identified/met

* AeHN Board participation (Successful/Reasonable/Equitable)
* Direct drop between VA and ANMC so that we can end faxing
* Explore direct connection of THO federal bridge as a solution for referral management
* Need a more integrated telehealth network which will enable us to do thing like a pain management consortium
* Subscribe to Vidyo for the use of educational opportunities

Focus Area: Collaborative Support

Assess and meet the needs of all of the Partnership focus areas

Needs identified/met

Need workgroup to develop a collaborative proposal for presentation to DHA in FY18
* Advocacy with congress as allowed by law

Investigate pooling resources that would then be managed by the partnership
* One budget
* One staff model
* Look at North Chicago example
* Consider influence of and impact TRICARE
* Consider the empanelment of Veterans

Advocacy for congressionally mandated interagency coordination agreements
* Cannot restrict self-governance abilities
* Outreach to statewide external partners

Mrs. Kelter reports directly to the Executive Committee