Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership

The AFHCP office strives daily to exploit new technologies to enhance access to care and improve clinical outcomes; capitalize on sharing capacity and special expertise to better meet patient care requirements; reduce the cost to members for continuing education by providing locally available high quality educational opportunities; reduce members costs by leveraging the partners’ collective purchasing power; encourage cross agency cooperation at all levels.

The medical challenges faced by our partners and their beneficiaries are daunting at the best of times; each represents a unique combination of cultural, logistical and resource challenges.  From the Island of St. Paul to living in the Anchorage and Fairbanks areas, each has their own unique set of challenges.  These challenges were first answered in 1995, when the federally funded healthcare agencies in Alaska realized the need to band together and partner on cost effective solutions; thus the Alaska Federal Healthcare Alliance was established.  A year later this Alliance was formally chartered as the Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership (AFHCP).  Over the years the Partnership has had many successes without growing in bureaucracy, always maintaining a highly cost effective tool for the partner agencies.

At the core of our success is the active involvement of the partner agency heads and their senior executives, staff and clinicians.  The Partnership office cannot function without voluntary involvement of the partners!

Beneficiary Population*

DoD/DHS (eligible): 82,241

VA/Veteran: 68,145

AANHS (AK Native/American Indian): 174,812

Total Federal/Tribal Population: 325,198

State of Alaska Population, 2017:  739,795

*2017 Federal Partner Reporting & Bureau of Labor & Statistics

Note:  Total  AK Federal / Tribal Population includes both “dual”  and “triple” beneficiaries

beneficiary population chart